Top Recruiter: My Reality, My Role, My Reason

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One stiletto out of the cab, I stopped and took the whole scene in. I had arrived at the Canyon Ranch in beautiful Miami Beach to be a part of the filming of Top Recruiter,  an internet reality series spotlighting the hustle, the struggle, and the wins that come with being a recruiter. Deep breaths…

Nervous. Excited. Overwhelmed. How did I get here?! I will tell you…

Almost five years ago, Chris LaVoie asked me to be a part his project – a reality show in which six recruiters from around the world live in a Miami mansion together for a week. Contestants competed in a variety of talent-acquisition challenges, and online viewers voted for their favorite recruiter. At the end of the season, the recruiter with the most votes was crowned Top Recruiter.

The Recruiter The Competition

I submitted my video (too embarrassing to post now, but you can find it on Vimeo if you so desire), and I didn’t make the cut. Although in the process, I almost peed my pants laughing with some amazing co-workers who made it happen for me (you know who you are).  Despite not being selected, I did make it into the top 50! I’ll take it!

I had to get in on this. As a talent evangelist for Silicon Harbor, I have run the Lowcountry recruiting race for years, and earned the right to be resolute on a couple fronts…

Reward yourself for a hard day's work. Shop!One, recruiting needs be disrupted. Yup, you heard me, disrupted. We as an industry, need to start placing talent on culture fit first, aptitude second and resume/skills third. I am completely committed to this disruption. You can truly teach anyone anything who shows up with a “whatever it takes attitude!” Trust me, I’ve done it many of times.

Two, I am lucky to be in the weeds of Silicon Harbor. It is my responsibility as a talent evangelist who hunts only top talent, to be out traveling the nation and getting the message out there. It is my job to reach talent that Charleston hasn’t yet accessed, and spread the word that Silicon Harbor is real, it’s rising, and it’s hiring!

Back to Top Recruiter. As a secret judge during the VIP Gala I had the opportunity to lead behind the scenes and collaborate with many industry leaders on the secret to talent acquisition. The off-screen conversations were gold and will eventually make A-roll is my bet.

With Top Recruiter, I am part of a team inspiring a movement. And we are getting noticed.  Forbes, CBS, The Huffington Post, LinkedIn, the list goes on my friends. By drawing national attention to recruitment reality, we will influence change, challenge the industry, and celebrate innovation.

You know you want to see this… Catch up on Season 2 of Top Recruiter. Stay tuned for my next Miami adventure in three weeks.  Chris Lavoie, Executive Producer  will be filming 12 industry leaders for the FIRST ever recruiting docufilm at the Temple House in Miami Beach. It will focus on the art of recruiting in the raw. There will be off-the-cuff conversations that will build the docufilm that the world has been waiting for!

Live loudly my friends, live loudly.

Lee Anne Top Recruiter MiamiReward yourself for a hard day's work. Shop!

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