The Art of Recruiting

By Torin Ellis

For most people outside of the entertainment, musical, and political space, one must earn each relationship and the resulting stature it brings.  As recruiters we’ve learned to navigate evaluating people.  Even one another when brought together.

Earlier this month, I tested the above observation while participating in the filming of The Art of Recruiting by LaVoie Entertainment.  I was unfamiliar with of most of the participants yet eager to learn of their accomplishments.  

Greeted by the morning air of South Beach, I reached The Temple House, a location that offered towering walls, floor to ceiling windows, wrapping the room with a mix of sunlight.  I’d catch Chris LaVoie effortlessly addressing details of the set.  Actually, everyone was in motion.

Be natural, look through the camera, and remember your mics are live were the last words before we set out to make history.  I remember whispering to Kristi Hammer, a Managing Partner out of Dallas, you’re going to be just fine.  She had jitters.

When asked “Why are you here,” by moderator Rayanne Thorne, one blurted out “a need to be on record,” another said, “learning from a different collective.”  My response was “Necessity.”  One word and they knew I was a voice for diversity. 

The exchange picked up pace and the format went deeper about two hours in.  The conversation and wisdom matched the incredible value of talent assembled.  Magically their slight egos and rhythm emerged.  Que the McFadden & Whitehead hit Ain’t No Stopping Us Now.

Is recruiting sales broke the conversation open and Batsheva Chase displayed a respectful frustration that sparked a 40 minute rumble.

A room full of go-getters – genuine all of them, yet I was amazed that we didn’t have a 100% consensus on the response. 

I’m talking recruiting wizards from Automotive Manufacturing, Department of Defense, Finance, Healthcare, Startups, Consumer Packaged Goods, Light Industrial, and Information Technology spaces.  

The biggest question asked, was “what’s most important in recruiting?”  When you watch the documentary, pay careful attention to the thoughtful presence of Jack seated top right near the moderator.  He’s been around since the days of punch cards from the 60’s. 

In the end we laughed, strengthened social media connections, and some even walked away with business.  When you watch the documentary, despite our different practices, you’ll hear about a collective interest in doing exceptional work.  

Arrived as individuals and left feeling like family.  Up next are Talent Attraction (filming January) and Identity Shift (filming March) that will explore inner workings and diversity & inclusion aspects of the practice respectively. 

The only thing missing were the cameras at dinner when we exchanged more intimate stories of joy and pain.  This is not an easy business but each practitioner described their chasing the process with conviction.  And yes, Kristi was just fine on camera.

Quiet on the set! 

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