Sending Your Clients To Prep School

By Danny Cahill

The recruiting industry has evolved in so many ways, but we’ve been stubborn about Prepping and Debriefing. In our last recruiter retreat, 0% of the attendees did any meaningful client prep before the actual interview, but they spent 20 minutes or more prepping candidates. In the “new normal’ of contemporary recruiting, this is exactly backwards and will produce sub optimal results.

We spend all our time telling candidates things they a) already know (review job specs, give directions, spell names and titles, give pointers like “show up early”, “dress for success”, “don’t mention your DUI unless he specifically asks” or b) can’t do anything about (she has had 3 jobs in one year, she doesn’t have management experience c) she is shy and has been for 30 years and you telling her to “dial it up” just makes her long for a Xanax refill.

The reality is our candidates will perform in a fairly predictable way, based on their previous interviewing experience. Where we can have the most impact and exert the most influence is in prepping the client. Danny will show you how to:

  • Teach behavioral techniques to the client
  • Control the length of the interview
  • Impact the type and timing of the questions
  • Defuse potential negatives
  • Enhance positives
  • Shape the compensation discussion
  • and most importantly…leave the interview with the next step resolved.

Your clients interview a fraction of the time you do, but we believe because they pay our fees or have a fancy title they know how to do it effectively. They don’t.

The typical recruiter is obsessed with Candidate prepping and client debriefing….Danny’s “counter intuitive” approach he uses with his mentoring students is the reverse. We are obsessed with client prepping and candidate debriefing. This is the new normal.

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