The Octaloofah By Alex King

By Alex King

I’ve spent all of my professional career within recruiting and absolutely love it. It’s such an honor to build the DNA of organizations.

About a year ago I felt a creative void in my life. I was doing what I love, but something was missing. I wanted to work on a side project that had nothing to do with recruiting. I always preach to my candidates to get out of their comfort zones and expand their skill sets, so it was time that I practiced what I preach.

I came up with this wacky idea a year ago, and haven’t looked back since. Even though some might take it the wrong way, and even though some might not look at me as professionally as they once did, I don’t regret it at any point.

The Octaloofah: The most fun you’ve EVER had in the shower

Everyone loves a nice hot shower to wake them up, or de-stress them after a long hard day. One thing that has failed over the last 50+ years is the ability to innovate the process. The latest in shower product innovation is The Octaloofah. The Octaloofah is the worlds first, hands-free back scrubbing device, with a twist of fun, excitement, pleasure, jubilation and exfoliation all wrapped into one.



In a nut shell, the product replaces the boring shower regime with a fun yet relaxing element. The Octaloofah is an 8 armed (thus the Octa) loofah product that securely suctions to the side of your shower wall. At the end of every other arm is an easily replaceable loofah pad which allows you to scrub those hard to reach spots on your back.

Why pay someone $90 to get those knots out? The Octaloofah’s knot buster acts as a trigger point massager for any spot on your back, neck or shoulders. It’s pyramidal, stable shape delivers satisfying, focused pressure.


Everybody enjoys some shower tunes, but nothing is more frustrating than not being able to control that Pandora station, or turn up the volume on your iTunes.We equipped the Octaloofah with a waterproof sound system that can play music from any Bluetooth device. You can literally loofah your back while listening to the song “Baby got Back.”


The Octaloofah Kickstarter campaign is running If you’re the type of person that’s looking to take their shower game to the next level, look no further.

Click Here for the Kickstart Campaign!

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