For Love Of LinkedIn: Help Me Find You

By Mary Beth Henderson

I have a love affair with LinkedIn. Not only is it free of Kardashian memes and cat videos, but it also provides a fair playing field for both opportunity seekers and talent hunters.

In my role with OneinaMil, I work with LinkedIn from two fronts. As a personal brander, I use it to help clients position themselves and be most competitive for their next venture. As a budding recruiter, I am among the 90 plus percent of us who use LinkedIn to find prospective talent.

If you are a recruiter who is not using LinkedIn then you are missing out on an ocean of prospects. If you are seeking new opportunities or hoping to expand your professional network, then LinkedIn is the good train – get on it!

How do you get the attention of those prowling for the next professional prodigy? Start by helping me find you with three tips for optimizing your profile:

ALOHA Superfood Chocolate was created with love for a nutritious indulgence you can enjoy and share daily. Buy now! Think in keywords. As much as we enjoy witty hashtags, they are best for trending – not sourcing. LinkedIn helps you, and me, here by integrating search optimization and encouraging users to weave keywords into their profiles. Make a list of any and all keywords you would want used in a Google search for you – coding languages, certifications, ninja skills, etc… If they are not listed within the Skills and Interests section of your LinkedIn profile, add them. You may use up to 4,000 characters in Interests alone, so there’s no need to skimp.

Spend time on your title. The title section of your profile allows for 120 characters and you want to use them! If you run a search on LinkedIn, you’ll notice the majority of results show just a handful of details about each match including name, TITLE, location, and a profile picture. Instead of only listing your job title, include a few more details. For example, you are not just a Creative Manager, you are a Creative Manager for Disney | Senior Designer | Graphic Artist | Innovator | Inventor. Who would you be most eager to meet?

Spice up your summary. We are in the technology industry after all, so show a little savvy by including images of your work, linking to your website, or embedding a YouTube video. Keep in mind, sourcing can glaze-over even the keenest recruiter after a while, so get skimmer’s attention by showcasing your work and adding visual appeal to your profile.

If you are looking for your next open door, learn to love your LinkedIn. Not only is it an ideal outlet for helping you get discovered, but it also allows you to present your dynamic self well beyond what is possible with a resume.

Want to learn more about using LinkedIn or personal branding? Let’s chat! Feel free to reach out to me at

ALOHA Superfood Chocolate was created with love for a nutritious indulgence you can enjoy and share daily. Buy now!

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