Boon Is Turning Everyone into a Recruiter (kind of)

After years as tech recruiter, witnessing first-hand how draining the employment process can be for businesses as well as job seekers, Boon founder Dakota Younger was convinced there had to be a better way. So, he quit his job, put everything he owned in storage, and locked himself in a friend’s spare bedroom until he found a solution. When he emerged, he had Boon.

At its core, Boon enables people to be paid for providing members of their personal network with relevant opportunities. Members can follow companies who post opportunities on Boon’s network. When a company posts a new opportunity, their followers are notified and are able to send the opportunity to anyone they think would be interested through the channel of their choosing (text, twitter, email etc). Every member is given a link that is unique to them and only them. This allows Boon to track and credit each member every time they share an opportunity.

Powerful social media software for businessWhen someone receives an opportunity that has been shared with them, they can chose to accept or decline the referral. When accepted, the information they have chosen to upload to their Boon profile is automatically sent to the appropriate business to be considered for the opportunity. The business then has the same choice, accept or decline the referral. Accepting the referral triggers additional features within Boon designed to aid in the interview and scheduling process.

Presently, Boon seeks to raise $1 million while they refine their platform during its private beta. In addition to substantially simplifying the hiring process, Boon hopes to provide an opportunity for companies to improve diversity by increasing their accessibility to new talent.

About Boon

Mission Statement: Boon is a marketplace where anyone can gain capital by leveraging their network to connect people with opportunity.


Founded: July 2014


  • Nearly 3,000 subscribed users before a name was even selected
  • 300+ companies have expressed interest prior to the beta being released
  • Reduces hiring costs for businesses by 75%

Notable Stats:

  • 45 days = average time for a business to fill vacant job opening
  • Recruitment industry currently carries lower satisfaction ratings that used car sales
  • Recruiting industry expected to grow to $457 billion in 2015 (10% growth rate)



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