Batsheva Chase and Her Art of Recruiting

By Batsheva Chase / PPI Recruiting

When I heard about Chris Lavoie’s Docufilm, The Art of Recruiting, I knew that I had to participate. As a 20 year recruiting ‘vet’ and entrepreneur, I had witnessed the Dotcom heyday of the late 90’s, the bust of the early 2000’s, AND the recession in 2008.I was eager to meet other veterans who had experienced a similar roller coaster ride.

I was nervous walking into the Temple House, as I was unclear what to expect from this new project. Being a participant in all 3 of the Reality projects of Top Recruiter that Lavoie Entertainment produced, there was a comfort with the crew and producers. Mr. Lavoie did warn me though that this Docufilm would be more serious then the previous champagne flowing set days of Top Recruiter. This was serious business and I was to behave accordingly. I was up for the challenge!

Hair and makeup- the usual Lavoie staples that I have come to count on- were exceptional. I was a little concerned that it would take forever to get everyone “camera ready”, but this team of hair and makeup professionals worked efficiently and glammed everyone up in no time.

There were 8 women and 12 men representing the Best of the Best that the Recruitment industry had to offer. I was incredibly impressed with the business owners, being an entrepreneur myself, as it was clear the blood and the tears that went into sustaining a business today. The men outnumbered the group, which I thought was interesting for staffing. We had contingency, retained search, and internal recruiters. The morning discussion started out simple enough: Why are you here? Rayanne Thorn- the moderator- posed to all of us. Rayanne then asked a question about how our industry is perceived? She also asked, what is the general reputation of a Recruiter? A spirited discussion around the perception of recruiters being sales people vs. consultants soon followed.

Here is my truth: I am a Sales recruiter. I sell people to companies and companies to people. I am also a consultant. I am a guide. I am a coach. What is wrong with the word ‘sales’? To some, it has a very negative connotation and I walked away from the discussion realizing how impactful words can be to each individual. We were essentially saying the same idea using different labels and yet it created a lot of debate.

Who are we as recruiters? We are complicated and simple all in the same. What do we do on a daily basis? What is the essence of our jobs? We sell concepts and ideas and sell a person on an opportunity and we sell our clients on the backgrounds and track records of these candidates. You can say we influence, we explain, we lobby; to me this is sales. And we are also consultants and therapist at times. Essentially we are champions of the human spirit.

My overall takeaway was this: I loved being in a room filled with individuals living in their excellence. Whether you were a social media/twitter maverick or an old school recruiting vet, the common denominator was a compassion for the individual and a drive to achieve and fully impact the industry. I walked away from the 3-day experience with solid contacts, deep thought provoking conversations, and a renewed passion for what I do. I am so grateful to know that there are others out there who really understand what it takes to be an exceptional, authentic, motivated, accomplished recruiting professional.

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